“I honed in on one of my biggest limiting beliefs. I know it’s in there deep. I’m starting a new relationship now- it’s just beginning, but I realize now that I want a serious relationship, and I’m not sure if he can give it to me. I’ll find out if he is like the pattern I created of having guys who didn’t have any time for me. I really hope he’s not, but I’m ready to let it go if it is.
I really loved interacting with you on the Facebook page. Thank you!! I love getting focused attention from you! It makes me feel connected to you no matter where you are.
During the Love Life Detox, I realized I have a core belief that it is hard for me to let others really truly love me. And I was connecting with men who were giving that to me.
I’m done with that now and I’m ready for BIG LOVE!!
After doing the Love Life Detox, I’m going to be much more aware of my patterns and steer clear of them because I am conscious of them!”
— Susan, 28, Racine, Wisconsin