Hi! I’m Chrissy Willis, CPC, ELI-MP, and I’m a love & relationship coach.

Is the dating scene leaving you feeling frustrated & hopeless? Let’s talk! I help women just like you to start saying YES to themselves AND what they truly want - LOVE!

Together, we will get you super clear on your ideal relationship. Then, I will help you create a dating strategy that is actually fun. Can you imagine what dating is like when you’ve got this mindset? My clients can! Join them and have fun finding your match and creating an awesome relationship!

Are you a certified life coach?

Yes! I earned my coaching certification through IPEC, a program which includes 3 weekend training modules and over 320 hours of study. This comprehensive training program teaches a proven coaching methodology based on 30 years of research and field-tested best practices.

Did you know that there are certifications for life coaches, but they’re not required to call yourself a life coach? I’m a lifelong learner and I take your goals seriously, which is why I decided to go through the rigorous IPEC training program. This coaching philosophy focuses on the client’s agenda. Their unique Core Energy Coaching™ process and Energy Leadership™ framework creates success from the inside out.

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Why is your coaching practice called “Yes And Love”?

Yes, And is one of the foundational principles of improv comedy. Improv comedy is basically a comedy show with scenes made up on the spot based off of a suggestion. My background includes over 15 years of studying and performing at the best improv theaters in Chicago and Los Angeles, including iO, The Second City, The Groundlings, Laugh Out Loud, and UCB.

My coaching style and techniques combine my IPEC training with my improv comedy experience.

Improv comedy! What does that have to do with love & relationship coaching? Are you going to make me do stand up comedy on dates?

No, although I’d love to hear about that date after you get home. It turns out that improv isn’t just about being funny. Improv skills help you communicate, connect with others, and make bold choices. Bringing this into your dating life will absolutely impact how you show up on dates and how you connect with potential matches!